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bethany baptist church

Music & Worship

When We Meet

Core Values

  1. Our corporate services will be about, for, and to, the all powerful, all encompassing, almighty God displaying His glory and not for us.
  2. We will express musical worship in a culturally relevant way to our community around us utilizing the complete spectrum of instrumental voices as we are gifted as a church.
  3. Undistracting Excellence.  We will lead others to worship God in spirit and truth, through music, scripture, prayer, testimony and celebration in a way that focuses and rouses peoples attention toward Him and not on us.
  4. We will lead to encourage the congregation to worship God in a manner that is active, passionate and authentic allowing for personal expressions of worship and encouraging biblical reactions to the revelations of a loving God.
  5. The authentic and heartfelt worship of the gathered church will serve as a witness to unbelievers that may come to know him.
  6. We will keep the truth of God, as expressed in His Word, the subject of the words we sing or speak.
  7. It is our desire that all that we say or do will simply flow out of us as an act of worship to the Lord to glorify Him and not ourselves.
  8. We will provide thoughtful, God inspired services that flow, allowing the gathered body to see God, experience His majesty, respond to His Holy Spirit and that tell His story.
  9. We will provide training within the ministry to help people grow in their skills and so that others may join and serve beside us.
  10. We will use various types of technology in an appropriate manner to aid in delivering the message in a way that is effective and powerful without being overstated.


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Events & Registrations


Joe Mogford
Worship ministry Director